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Published at Sun Jul 23 2023 in
Rows HQ

2023 W29 - Cake or Death?

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Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows. We're building in public!


Last week we leveled up on a KPI. We wanted to hit a particular number for a metric called W3s, which stands for W3 active users. We had been trying to get there for a while, and now, bam! it's real.

We exceeded it by 50% too.

Because of all the amazing things we've recently shipped, plus now hitting that target metric, plus now we're on the last weeks before some go on vacations, we got ourselves a little cake and some bubbly to celebrate. (The cake was bit too small for its delicious taste).

Blog - cake or deathStats: 1 cake, 2 bottles, 1 hour, 20 people. This is how you nail a Thursday. The bad part: this is how you ruin your summer bod.

Some further commentary.

  1. This metric comes at a time when our metrics have changed a bit. Q3 forward our core KPIs are now:

    1. Power Workspaces: teams who use us 3 days or more.

    2. W3s: Users who use us after the 3rd week of joining. 💜 This is the one we now blasted through.

    3. Viral converts: Users converted from invites, shared docs, embeds and community spreadsheets.

    4. Revenue: that.

  2. We have grown a lot since launching our AI Analyst✨ and Instant Rows⚡️, so now defining new goal posts has been hard. As we evolve, we need to upgrade our thinking, rooted in the fundamentals of a spreadsheet app - growth, cohorts, usage, revenue. Going to have some fun doing this.

  3. Celebrating with your team is super important. The road is long and hard when you're trying to change how people use spreadsheets; some face time for sugar and thanks along the way is helpful. Don't forget to recognize who is making the whole thing possible (the team).

We will continue to improve Rows, because we much rather have cake than death. (Here's the original Cake or Death skit.)

See you next week

- H