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Published at Sun Jun 18 2023 in
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2023 W24 - AI Analyst✨

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Last week Rows went viral.

There were countless posts written about us, and a few got thousands of reshares & retweets, and millions of views. Some cool posts are here, here and here.

This happened because our launch of the Rows AI Analyst went super well. This new feature is super exciting, with it's new made-for-spreadsheets variation on AI assistants, and landed right in the middle of the AI craze. That helps explain the virality.

AI AnalystIntroducing the AI Analyst

The novelty of the feature is that our Rows Analyst will give you smart insights automatically, for your tables, before you even ask it anything. Of course, you can ask it questions about your data, like other products, but you don't have to. You can learn about the feature here.

A few comments on our AI Analyst launch:

  1. Thanks to all of those who shared the news. It is truly motivating. We started Rows because spreadsheets are the most powerful tools that business users have - like the dev tools of software engineers. Unlike those, however, spreadsheets have remained stale, and we want to fix that. But we need help and support along this crazy journey! So thanks!

  2. Have fun with this new feature. To start, load some data and hit the ✨ button on the top right corner of a table. Play with it and please do send us feedback and ideas. While we have a great idea about the future of spreadsheets, I'm certain that we're missing something. Tell us what it is.

  3. The AI Analyst is a custom implementation made at Rows. While it uses OpenAI, it relies *heavily* on our own Rows-specific functionality. This allows it to be one of the fastest AIs that can analyze data out there, and privacy-minded too (OpenAI doesn't get your data)! (2024-03-27 Update: we now send a bit of data, but really only a bit, like the header, and a small sample of up to 5 rows, and some basic stats like min and max of some numeric columns. See your privacy policy at to the up-to-date version of what we do with your data).

  4. This is just the beginning. Rows launched a native OpenAI Integration in Jan 2023, just 5 months later we're leveling up with an LLM-grade AI Analyst feature. Throughout 2023 and beyond we are committed to upgrading our beta Analyst into your permanent data sidekick.

  5. What's next? In the short term, we will be delivering some optimizations that many have already asked for, like support for transposed tables, better handling of empty rows and more. Over the medium term.. an even more seamless experience for data exploration!

We will also be shipping lots of stuff besides AI. In fact, we have another unique launch coming up.

Can't wait to announce it.


See you next week!