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Published at Sun Apr 30 2023 in
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2023 W17 - Databases!

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Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows. We're building in public!

Note: I'm on a slightly delayed schedule as we had a few public holidays that disrupted schedules.


Last week the coolest thing that happened at Rows was... Databases! We released the last of our planned DB Integrations.

  1. BigQuery

  2. Google Analytics 4

  3. Snowflake

  4. Redshift

  5. PostgresQL

  6. MySQL

  7. Looker (Connector inside Looker Studio marketplace)


I'm generalizing when I say that it's all Databases, as many of those are different kinds of services. The first 4 are far closer to data warehousing and analytics than the last two, which are more abstract database softwares that you'll typically run on a server.

The important of building these new Integrations has become increasingly clear from the usage of Rows for Marketing and Business use cases.

  • Import your daily KPIs and share a dashboard in your team's Notion, Slack or Miro board? It takes you 5 minutes to build.

  • You need to load the latest cohort data and present to your investors? Easy.

  • Need to import the latest campaign data to check traffic (GA) and cross it with sale events (BigQuery or Postgres)? Done.

Rows wants to be the next-gen spreadsheet that mashes classic Excel functionality with the easiest import of data, quickest-analysis and the most-effective sharing. 

This was a big step in that direction.


See you next week!