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Published at Sun Apr 23 2023 in
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2023 W16 - Data++

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Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows. We're building in public!


Last week we had our Board Meeting. Out of it came an upgrade/clarification to our vision for Rows: Rows will be the easiest tool to create reports, including insights.

Board deck

Our board deck was straightforward, with a double split of Summary vs Details, each with Status vs. Plan.

  • Summary

    • The status of Rows (1 slide)

    • Options and plan (2 slides)

  • Details

    • Detail on the Status of Rows - product, user growth, monetization, company (9 slides)

    • Options and plan - yes, for product, user growth, monetization, company (7 slides)

Two of the highlights of the presentation are that we're near completing of our Data vision, and also that AI is working quite well for Rows.

And, of course, those two work super well together that we should tie them. Nothing complements better easy data imports than AI super skills.

Data vision

On the Data vision, Q1 was when we launched Data Tables, which is *the* easiest way to import data from Integrations on a Spreadsheet. No plugins, no ugly blue ranges in the middle of your regular tables.. Just pure goodness.

We were able to measure the success of this too. As it stands we doubled the % of users who start a Data workflow and then get to the end, ie, get a Table fully configured and automated. That's like 😱🔥 (the dream of a PM).

data vision

Open AI

On the AI side, our Open AI integration has quickly climbed up to become our most used Integration (and stays at the top), and is beaten only by the collective of Marketing Integrations (BigQuery + Goggle Analytics4 + etc). We have also been able to feed users to it with some pretty good content; but I'll leave that to some other time.


The next step is, obviously, to complete the users journeys through data with AI.

One thing is to help users import data and create a report. Another one is to be the users assistant in understanding what's going on in that data. We are right now in the middle of plugging in our Data components to AI.

Can't wait to show it.


see you next week!