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Published at Sun Dec 19 2021 in
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2021: A year in review

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As we sit back and reflect on everything that happened in 2021, we can’t help but feel grateful. Yes, we shipped a lot of product, hired great people and worked hard to spread the word. But what really makes us feel humbled is seeing how people all over the world used Rows to make their jobs more productive, their projects more collaborative, and have fun too.

So, instead of writing about everything that happened at Rows, we’ll tell you a few stories from our users, the Rowers.


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Mario’s FoodTech Hot Startups report

This year, our spreadsheet got even spreadsheetier with the addition of Charts, a fresh Date Picker and real-time Collaboration.

Those are some of the reasons why Mario, the Head of Growth of EatTasty, decided to put his passion for Foodtech startups to work and build a killer overview of the hottest food tech companies around. The result is this interactive report with the companies, funding summaries and other analysis that startups junkies loved.

These new additions also hit home. Torben, our co-founder and COO, used the new spreadsheet powers to build 3 tools that help founders with fundraising and managing a startups’ equity. We wrote a blog post on it, and you can also open them directly:funding round calculatorcap table, and employee equity tracker.


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Finding companies using the Crunchbase integration

New year, new integrations. In 2021 we added new ones to our library, helping people make better Marketing and Finance reports (Linkedin PagesLinkedin Ads and Stripe) and find new sources to enrich company data (Trustpilot and Google My Business).

But our classic integrations remained king. That’s how Marco Gurnari, the Growth manager at Humaans used Crunchbase and PredictLeads to easily creates rich lists of Fintech companies in the UK and send them to the Sales team using HubSpot.

It is also how EatTasty, using the web functions GET/PUT/POST built a centralized hub for their delivery operations that integrates with their backoffice to pull orders information, send Slack reminders to their suppliers, and make everyday processes a breeze.

Live sharing

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Games are spreadsheets too

Life is not all about work. And neither are spreadsheets. This year, some of you took your spreadsheet game to another level, and reimagined what a spreadsheet can do.

Starting with Tyler, who built not one, but two all-time favorite games (yes, games) in Rows - snake 🐍, and checkers ⬛. Or Catarina, who also went the games route and built Rock, Paper, Scissors - the spreadsheet edition.

And if you’re not into games but need an original excuse to give to your boss, Rui’s Projects Delayed Excuse Generator (or PDEG as we call it) is the way to go. Our favorite? “I can't delivery because my laptop thought it was Saturday today”.

You can see all these and more in our new Community page. Duplicate those spreadsheets in one click to make them your own, and contribute to the community by publishing your own spreadsheet creations.

2022, the year ahead

We couldn’t be more excited for 2022. If 2021 was the year we went from 3k to 15k users, 2022 is the year we’ll go past 100k. Along the way we’ll add tons of exciting features:

  • A Desktop app for MacOs, iPad and Windows.

  • A Table Builder, that will enable you to mash different sources of data auto-magically, using a point & click interface.

  • A Function Builder, to give anyone the power to create custom formulas for themselves or to share them with others.

  • Conditional formatting, Freeze panes and other spreadsheet favourites.

Have a great 2022 everyone. It’s going to be a great one.


Humberto, Torben and Henrique on behalf of the entire Rows team