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Tired of dull spreadsheets that complicate your workflow? Time to move on to Rows – a spreadsheet that works exactly how you need it to.

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Build stunning budgets, project plans, calculators, and lists that you’ll want to share.

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Make your spreadsheets interactive with buttons, checkboxes and input fields.

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Instantly get data from 40+ business tools like Google Analytics, Twitter, Stripe, and Salesforce.

Access public databases like LinkedIn, Google Maps, and Hunter – directly from your spreadsheet.

Keep your spreadsheets up-to-date with automatic data refresh at any frequency.

The best spreadsheet sharing ever made

Collaborate with your team in real time.

Publish your spreadsheets as interactive dashboards, calculators, reports, and forms with Live Sharing.

Explore spreadsheets built by our Community and easily duplicate the ones you like.

“With Rows, I've created and iterated on a variety of tools for the broader sales team that has saved us countless hours. Rows blends art and science to understand your data.”

Jamie Wheeler

Senior Account Executive, Braze

“Rows is incredibly powerful, flexible and simple to use. It's hard to find this combination even in the best-in-class SaaS platforms.”

B Hari

Angel Investor