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Maps and Places

Find and get data about places and locations.

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Find and get data about places and locations!

Connecting Google Maps with Rows gives you the power to find directions and places and enrich them with data, all in a spreadsheet.

Use cases

Things you can do when using Maps and Places (Google) with Rows include:

  • Find places by name or location and enrich them with data.
  • Find places within a specific radius including restaurants, cafes, gyms, schools, and more.
  • Geocode addresses or locations by converting them into their longitude and latitude coordinates.
  • Reverse geocode pairs of longitude and latitude coordinates into their address.
  • Find the directions between locations using several modes of transportation including transit, driving, walking, or cycling.
  • Calculate the travel distance and time for a matrix of origins and destinations.
  • Find the elevation of locations in meters.

Get directions according to you start and end locations. You can further define your search by choosing a mode of transportation or adding waypoints.


Retrieves the directions from all starting locations to all destination locations.


Get the elevation, in meters, for a given set of coordinates.


Get the latitude and longitude coordinates for an address.


Get the address based on latitude and longitude coordinates.