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Use HTTP methods such as GET, PUT, POST, or PATCH to interact with RESTful APIs.

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Get the most out of HTTP Requests!

Connecting HTTP requests with Rows gives you the power to use any REST API available on the Web. Use familiar HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PATCH, or PUT to import/send data from/to data source that are not available in our Integrations' Marketplace.

Use cases

  • Connect your spreadsheets to your internal APIs.
  • Retrieve data from your custom BI tool on a schedule and share reports with your colleagues.
  • Connect your custom ERP and share real-time inventory reports in your team.
  • Easily track your supply chain by pulling data from order management system.

Perform an HTTP GET on a URL and get the response.


Perform an HTTP PATCH on a URL with special parameters.


Perform an HTTP POST on a URL with special parameters.


Perform a PUT request on a URL.