How to use OpenAI's ChatGPT to clean up data

Learn how to use OpenAI inside the spreadsheet to clean up company data, convert dates, capitalize text and more.

OpenAI Template

There's a near-infinite amount of tasks you can solve using OpenAI. Use this template showcase to get started with +10 pre-built examples.

About Rows

Rows is the easiest way to import, transform, and share data in a spreadsheet. It combines a spreadsheet editor, +50 integrations with the tools you use every day, a powerful AI Analyst✨, and a sharing experience to instantly turn any spreadsheet into a web app, a form, or a dashboard.

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Connect the OpenAI integration

To connect the integration, open a new spreadsheet, and select the OpenAI integration on the welcome side panel. Alternatively, you can search for the integration inside the Data actions panel.

Connect OpenAI

Inside the Data Actions panel, search for "Apply task" and select the corresponding OpenAI action:

apply task action

Finally, Connect the integration to get started.

The Free plan includes 20 free uses of the OpenAI integration. Users on the Plus or Pro plans have unlimited access to OpenAI and can use their API key to access any OpenAI model, including fined-tuned models. By default, the OpenAI integrations use the "gpt-4o" model.

Use the clean-up action

Once the integration is connected, you can start using OpenAI in Rows to clean up data.

apply task wizard

Alternatively, you can use the Apply Task function directly in the spreadsheet. Type =APPLY_TASK_OPENAI to see the autocomplete.

apply task

All OpenAI functions need to be configured through mandatory and optional parameters, depending on their purpose. Let's go through them.


The apply task function requires the task as the first parameter. This is simply the task you want to perform on your text.

You can write the text directly inside the text field in the action wizard, or reference any cell in the table by pointing to it on the editor.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 21.03.11


The second parameter is text and represents the text you want to apply your task on.

The remaining parameters are all optional and commonly used for advanced use cases. Learn more about them in the Sentiment analysis function documentation.

Examples of data cleansing

There is a near-infinite amount of ways you can use OpenAI to clean up existing data. For example: removing unnecessary text or punctuation, converting date type, or clear formatting.

Let's go through some of them.

Clean up Company names


Clean up a list of company names by removing legal abbreviations.


1=APPLY_TASK_OPENAI("Remove legal entity abbreviations like GmbH, LLC, Inc., emojis, special characters and unnecessary text from ",A2)

Details Assumes that A2 contains the company name.

clean up company names

Trim whitespaces


Trim unnecessary whitespaces from a cell.


1=APPLY_TASK_OPENAI("Remove unncessary whitespaces",A2)


Assumes that A2 contains the text to clean up.

trim whitespaces

Capitalize words


Correctly fix capitalization in a list of words.


1 =APPLY_TASK_OPENAI("Capitalize all the words",A2)


Assumes that A2 contains the original text to be capitalized.

capitalize words

Clear formatting


Clear formatting and remove punctuation from the text.


1 =APPLY_TASK_OPENAI("remove any punctuation and capital letters, replace spaces with _",A2)


Assumes that A2 contains the original text to be capitalized.

clear formatting

Convert date format


Convert dates to yyyy/mm/dd format.




Assumes that A2 contains the original dates.

Clean up dates