Quick Commands

Quick Commands let you easily access useful global or contextual actions within the Rows app.

Take some time to learn these shortcuts and you'll quickly become a productivity master.

To access the Quick Commands interface, just press Cmd + K (Mac) or Ctrl + K (Win).

Global Quick Commands

Global Quick Commands are available from anywhere within the Rows app. Currently, the following commands are available globally:

My spreadsheetsGo to your spreadsheet dashboard.
Templates GalleryGo to the Templates gallery.
Integrations GalleryGo to the Integrations gallery.
My integrationsGo to your integrations dashboard.
My usageGo to your Integration and Spreadsheet usage dashboard.
Account SettingsGo to your Account settings page.
Create spreadsheetCreate a new spreadsheet.

Contextual Quick Commands: spreadsheets

In addition to the global Quick Commands, you also have access to the following contextual commands when editing a spreadsheet:


Create ViewCreates a new View.
Create GroupCreates a new group.
Toggle zen modeRemoves the View side panel so that you can focus on the spreadsheet.
Function HelperOpens the function helper side panel.

Cell Formatting
Align leftAligns the text to the left in the selected cells.
Align centerAligns the text to the center in the selected cells.
Align rightAligns the text to the right in the selected cells.
BoldBolds content in the selected cells.
ButtonCreates a button in the selected cell.
CheckboxCreates a checkbox in the selected cell.
Clear formatClears all formatting for the selected cell.
ItalicItalicizes content in the selected cells.
UnderlineUnderlines content in the selected cells.

Number Formatting
Decrease decimal placesDecreases the number of decimal places by one.
📝 Note: The last number will be rounded up or down.
Increase decimal placesIncreases the number of decimal places by one.
NumberFormats the content in the cell as a number.
DateFormats the content in the cell as a date.
TimeFormats the content in the cell as a time.
Date timeFormats the content of the cell as a date time.
DollarAdds the USD currency symbol.
BitcoinAdds the Bitcoin currency symbol.
EuroAdds the Euro currency symbol.
PoundAdds the British Pound currency symbol
YenAdds the Yen currency symbol