Platform limits

To give you the best experience using Rows, we have a few limits in place for now.


To make sure that you have the smoothest experience possible while using Rows, we've got a few limits that ensure you don't run into any computational bottlenecks.


Our REFRESH() function can take a range of up to 10 000 cells as its argument.


At the moment, Rows only supports Chrome as a web browser. If you use other browsers, such as Safari or Mozilla, you may see some UI or functionality issues.


  • A single user can own 5 workspaces.
  • 50 folders per workspace.


  • 500 spreadsheets per folder.
  • 200 pages per spreadsheet.
  • 200 tables per spreadsheet.
  • 5 tables per page.


Each cell can have a maximum of:

  • 4000 characters for formulas — The limit is on bytes and not chars. In UTF8, char size is 1 to 4 bytes, depending on the char. The most useful chars are 1 byte, but emojis for example is longer (4 bytes).
  • 200KB for computed values or strings.

Functions and computation

Functions can:

  • Handle up to one million characters during processing, as long as the stored result of the function doesn't exceed the maximum of 200KB per cell.
  • Effect up to 250 000 cells within five minutes.


  • Each integration can have up to 6 accounts connected in Rows.
  • Requests that are not executed under ten minutes are timed out with a #FAIL! error, indicating that "The request expired. Try again later."

Web Requests

Our GET(), POST(), and PUT() functions:

  • can fetch up to 1000KB, as long as the result to be stored as the cell value doesn't exceed the maximum of 200KB per cell.
  • have a timeout of 60 seconds.


Each table can have a maximum of:

  • 20 000 rows.
  • 104 columns.
  • 5 automation functions (REFRESH(), REPEAT(), or SCHEDULE()).