Keyboard shortcuts

Format, access, navigate and do so much more - all from the ease of your fingertips!

Common actions

Quick command Kctrl K
Copy Cctrl C
Cut Xctrl X
Paste Vctrl V
Redo Y or shift zctrl Y or ctrl shift z
Undo Zctrl Z

Edit cells

Edit cellenter or fn F2enter or F2
Cancel edit cellescesc
Insert line break in cell enter or ctrl enterctrl enter

Format cells

Bold Bctrl B
Italic Ictrl I
Underline Uctrl U
Find in table Fctrl F
Go to the edge of the current data area arrow keysctrl arrow keys

Select and edit rows & columns

Select rowshift spaceshift space
Select columnctrl spacectrl space
Select all Actrl A
Expand selectionshift arrow keysshift arrow keys
Expand selection to the edge of the current data area shift arrow keysctrl shift arrow keys
Fill down Dctrl D
Fill right Rctrl R

Use formulas

Toggle between point mode and compose mode E or fn F2ctrl E or F2
Toggle absolute and relative references when entering a formulafn F4F4