Use SQL to query your Snowflake databases, schemas and views.

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Parameter List


The SQL query to apply. For example: "select * from analytics.monthly-sales".

[optional] warehouse

The name of the Snowflake warehouse. For example: "acme-prod".

[optional] database

The name of the Snowflake database. For example: "acme-sales-monthly".

[optional] schema

The name of the Snowflake schema. For example: "acme-prod-byregion".

[optional] role

The name of the role to use when executing the query. For example: "admin". By default it will use the role from the user who connected the account


QUERY_SNOWFLAKE("SELECT name, email, phone FROM `analytics.users`", "acme-prod", "acme-sales-monthly", "acme-prod-by-region", "admin") returns a list with name, email, and phone from the table users in the dataset analytics