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Parameter List


Name or ID of your Google Ads account. For example: "Personal Ads account".

[optional] ad

Name or ID of your ad. For example: "Website Campaign".

[optional] date_range

The date range for your report. For example: ">2019", ">2019-11-01" or "[2010-01-01;2019-01-01]".

[optional] metrics

The metrics from your Ad campaigns. For example: metrics.CTR or metrics.average_cost. By default, it returns the most common metrics about the ad campaign.

Selected options:
Absolute top impression percentage
Active view CPM
Active view CTR
Active view impressions
Active view measurability
Active view measurable cost
Active view measurable impressions
Active view viewability
All conversions
All conversions by conversion date
All conversions from interactions rate
All conversions value
All conversions value by conversion date
All new customer lifetime value
Average cart size
Average cost
Average CPC
Average CPE
Average CPM
Average CPV
Average order value
Average page views
Average time on site
Bounce rate
Conversions by conversion date
Conversions from interactions rate
Conversions value
Conversions value by conversion date
Cost of goods sold
Cost per all conversions
Cost per conversion
Cost per current model attributed conversion
Cross device conversions
Cross device conversions value
Cross sell cost of goods sold
Cross sell gross profit
Cross sell revenue
Cross sell units sold
Current model attributed conversions
Current model attributed conversions value
Engagement rate
Gmail forwards
Gmail saves
Gmail secondary clicks
Gross profit margin
Gross profit
Interaction event types
Interaction rate
Lead cost of goods sold
Lead gross profit
Lead revenue
Lead units sold
New customer lifetime value
Percent new visitors
Top impression percentage
Units sold
Value per all conversions
Value per all conversions by conversion date
Value per conversion
Value per conversions by conversion date
Value per current model attributed conversion
Video quartile p100 rate
Video quartile p25 rate
Video quartile p50 rate
Video quartile p75 rate
Video view rate
Video views
View through conversions
[optional] dimensions

A field or segment of your report. For example, the bidding strategy.

Selected options:
Ad destination type
Ad Group Criterion (Keyword)
Ad Group ID
Ad Group name
Ad name
Ad network type
Ad strength
Campaign ID
Campaign name
Campaign subtype
Campaign type
Click type
Conversion (Action)
Conversion (Action Category)
Conversion (Action Name)
Conversion adjustment
Conversion - lag bucket
Conversion or Adjustment lag bucket
Custom parameter
Day of the Week
Descriptions (App)
Descriptions (App engagement)
Descriptions (App pre registration)
Descriptions (Discocery - Video responsive)
Descriptions (Discovery - Multi asset)
Descriptions (Local)
Descriptions (Responsive display)
Descriptions (Responsive search)
Descriptions (Smart campaign)
Descriptions (Video responsive)
Device preference
External conversion (Source)
Final URLs
Final URL suffix
Headline (Discovery - Carousel)
Headline (Shopping comparison listing)
Headline (Text)
Headline (Video bumper)
Headline (Video in feed)
Headline (Video in stream)
Headline (Video non skippable)
Headline (Video out feed)
Headline 1 (Call)
Headline 2 (Call)
Headline - Part 1 (Expanded text)
Headline - Part 2 (Expanded text)
Headline - Part 3 (Expanded text)
Headlines (App)
Headlines (App engagement)
Headlines (App pre registration)
Headlines (Discovery - Multi asset)
Headlines (Discovery - Video responsive)
Headlines (Local)
Headlines (Responsive display)
Headlines (Responsive search)
Headlines (Smart campaign)
Headlines (Video responsive)
Long headline (Legacy - Responsive)
Long headline (Responsive display)
Long headlines (Discovery - Video responsive)
Long headlines (Video responsive)
Match Type (Keyword)
Mobile final URLs
Month of Year
New vs Returning customers
Policy details
Short headline (Legacy - Responsive)
Text (Keyword)
Tracking template


GET_AD_METRICS_GOOGLE_ADS("ACME Account", "Video", [2023-10-01;2024-01-10], '["metrics.impressions","metrics.clicks"]', '["", "campaign.status"]') returns campaign report from 2023-10-01 to 2024-01-10