Get metrics such as impressions or reach about your accounts and aggregate results by day, week or month.

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Parameter List


The Instagram username of your business or creator account. For example: "adidas".

[optional] account_metrics

Metrics to retrieve about the account, separated by commas. By default it will return the number of followers, impressions, profile views, reach, and website clicks. followercount, online_followers, and all audience* metrics are not available for accounts with fewer than 100 followers.

For a complete list of possible metrics, see the Instagram Insights API documentation.

Selected options:
Comments (Total Value)
Directions clicks (Time Series)
Email contacts (Time Series)
Engaged audience (Total Value)
Follower (Total Value)
Follower count (Time Series)
Follows & Unfollows (Total Value)
Impressions (Time Series)
Likes (Total Value)
Phone call clicks (Time Series)
Profile links taps (Total Value)
Profile views (Time Series)
Reach (Time Series/Total Value)
Reached audience (Total Value)
Saves (Total Value)
Shares (Total Value)
Text message clicks (Time Series)
Total Interactions (Total Value)
Website clicks (Time Series)
[optional] aggregation_period

Period of aggregation of the data. For example: "day", "week", "day_28".

For a complete list of possible aggregation periods, see the Metrics and Insights Instagram API documentation.

Selected options:
[optional] date_range

Date range to get insights for. Can be a period of up to 30 days.

For example: ">2020-11-01" or "[2019-01-01;2019-01-20]". By default, it gets the last two days.

[optional] breakdowns

Breakdowns separated by commas to segment your results into specific subsets. For example, country or media_product_type. For a complete list of breakdowns, see the Metrics and Insights Instagram API documentation

Selected options:
Age (Demographics)
City (Demographics)
Contact Button (Interaction)
Country (Demographics)
Follow Type (Interaction)
Gender (Demographic)
Media Product (Interaction)


GET_ACCOUNT_METRICS_INSTAGRAM("adidas") returns the list of metrics available for the "adidas" account for the last 2 days.