APIs and JSON overview

An overview of how to work with APIs and JSON in Rows,


In this section, we assume that you know the basics of APIs and JSON. If you're not familiar these concepts but want to learn more, check out the guide to Web APIs for non-programmers on schoolofdata.org.

Learn how to retrieve data from an API and work with the data in the API response. You can also learn how send data to any API and prepare the API request.

  1. Requesting data from any API
    How to use an HTTP GET request to retrieve data from any API using Rows

  2. Authenticating your API requests
    How to authenticate your API requests and understand the different authentication methods.

  3. Parsing JSON
    How to parse and manipulate JSON data manually.

  4. Modifying the structure of a JSON response
    How to modify JSON objects so that they match exactly what you need.

  5. Sending data to an API
    Learn how to send information to an API using POST or PUT.

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