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How wins new business with Rows

Rows Team
Rows Team
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In 2020, amidst worldwide lockdowns, the entire tech industry was working at home in their sweatpants. It quickly became apparent that the world needed a new way of working remotely. It was then that Humaans came into existence, with a mission to help remote teams manage rapidly changing working environments.

Today, Humaans helps remote teams run HR operations smoothly across multiple locations. The platform acts as a central hub for employee data and documents, and helps automate onboarding, promotions and holidays, turning them into simple workflows. Humaans works with companies across all Europe: from fast growing startups such as Pento and ChartMogul, to scaleups including FidelAPI and Pleo.

Switching to Rows

Marco Gurnari manages Growth at Humaans and it’s his responsibility to make sure the Sales team has a full pipeline.

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Marco’s main goal is to supply leads, so it’s important for him to quickly compile lists of pre-vetted startups that fit Humaans’ ideal customer profile: Europe-based, VC-backed companies that are in the growth phase and looking to upgrade their HR process management.

Needless to say, Marco’s task isn’t an easy one (and it’s not always fun, either). Delivering a high volume of quality leads in a fast-paced environment requires a great deal of dedication and patience – especially when working as part of a small team. Much of it involves manual scraping of public databases and consolidating data into a spreadsheet. 

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Humaans needed more leads to work with and more data to understand them better. But they felt overwhelmed with multiple tools and platforms. It was in that deep need for change that Marco discovered Rows, and from that moment on, his team had a powerful co-pilot that did some of the heavy lifting for lead generation.

Collecting data the new way

Marco let us in on a few of his new best practices with Rows. As you might notice, his new lead generation process is more exciting than the manual work he was doing before. Luckily, it’s also much more effective at helping him build data-rich spreadsheets.

First, the Growth and Sales teams define their ideal customer profiles together. Here’s an example:

  • Region:UK

  • Industry: Fintech

  • Investment rounds: Recently raised over 1 million USD

Once this is set, Marco is ready to build a list of companies that fit these criteria. He uses the Rows Crunchbase integration (now deprecated) to get the job done. With just one formula, Marco gets a list of startups – each with the following details:

  • Name

  • Website

  • Industry

  • Number of employees

  • Founding date

  • Total funding, funding rounds and investors

  • Links to their social media profiles

Rows adds this data directly to the spreadsheet, and in an instant Marco has a neat list of qualified leads and helpful data –  all in one place. Ta-da.

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To gain more insights for a company, Marco uses the integration with PredictLeads to track open positions. It connects to the spreadsheets directly and lists all open positions at any company in the database. 

That means Marco needs only to do a quick check in Rows to get a glance at a company’s HR profile. If a startup is actively looking to expand, it’s a sign that Humaans’ solution could be a good fit, and it’s the right time to reach out to them.

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Now, Marco needs to select the most promising prospects in the list he built, remove the rest and pass the data onto his Sales team. Having it all in a single place helps him work through this process much faster. 

Preparing the data for next steps

After the companies are selected and the lead list is ready, Marco adds it to his team’s CRM using Hubspot integration. This helps to make sure none of those companies were contacted in the past and provides the Sales team with reliable insights to start a conversation. 

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As with all Rows built-in integrations, a few clicks allow Marco to connect to Hubspot and export data directly from a spreadsheet. Manual export is a thing of the past, and this is another huge time-saver.

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Humaans’ growth depends on being able to collect the right leads and understand them better, while moving quickly and eliminating unnecessary manual work. Switching to Rows helped the team build data-rich lead lists faster, without having to juggle multiple tools. 

If your team is looking for a way to find and qualify leads by connecting with public databases, give Rows a try [object Object].