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Published at Sun Feb 11 2024 in
Rows HQ

2024 W7 - No shame!

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Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows. We're building in public!


Last week two interesting things happened:

  1. Some people in the company were on vacation, which means contacts are limited. How to manage that? When and how to annoy someone who's out?

  2. We participated in some teaching courses about data skills with an online academy to teach new AI skills. Here, the cool thing is that it was in Spanish!


On the first topic, here's some pointers that we try and practice at Rows:

  1. Time off means no work that can suck you in. No work, no emails.

  2. We do, sometimes, send a joke or two to our colleagues. I will also infrequently call up someone if I really can't find a document and I really need it. Clean in and out.

  3. Very exceptionally, if there's something to celebrate, we will also send a message to the team! "Hey, we shipped that feature you worked on! Cool!".


Onto the 2nd topic. So, we were invited to participate in the IA Heroes academy.

The IA Heroes academy teaches AI skills to business workers, many of whom are looking to upgrade their skills, or re-skill themselves. They talk about many tools, including ChatGPT. It was in this context that I participated in a couple of classes. If you're a Spanish speaker, check them out here!

I was also asked to produce some content in Spanish, which isn't really my language.

It's important to get out of your comfort zone and expose yourself even if you're not the ideal marketing material. If Mark Zuckerberg can do all those videos, you can do it! So here they are:

Proof that other CEOs have no shame either:

blog - Zuckerberg

No shame!


See you next week!