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Published at Sun Nov 12 2023 in
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2023 W45 - More AI skills

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This is a short post.

It's the 6th week after our Pricing Plans rollout, and we are busy shipping more product to our users. Features → more value → convert to paid!

Last week we shipped a number of new skills to our AI feature set. AI continues to be important at Rows, with more than 1,000 companies using AI features every week.

At Rows AI is accessed either as data transformation tasks (cell functions) or to answer questions (our AI Analyst✨).

With the new releases, we now have an expanded list of general AI skills to be used in the cells:

  • ASK_OPENAI: Answer questions or complete tasks. This is the workhorse of OpenAI 🖤 at Rows.

  • TRANSLATE_OPENAI: Translate text between languages.

  • SUMMARIZE_OPENAI: Summarize a text.

  • APPLY_TASK_OPENAI: Apply rules to data.

  • CLASSIFY_OPENAI: Classify text into tags, topics or sentiment.

  • CREATE_LIST_OPENAI: Generate lists of items based on a prompt.

  • 🆕 SENTIMENT_ANALYSIS_OPENAI: Sentiment analysis on a text.

  • 🆕 EXTRACT_OPENAI: Extract an element from text.

  • 🆕 REWRITE_OPENAI: Rewrite a text according to user-defined instructions.

  • 🆕 FIND_FACT_OPENAI: Get facts about a country, person, company or the world.

And we have specialized skills too, ideal for e-commerce, retailers, and marketing.

  • 🆕 PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION_OPENAI: Generate a product description from a set of features.

  • 🆕 PRODUCT_TITLE_OPENAI: Generate a product title based on a description.

  • 🆕 KEYWORDS_OPENAI: Generate advertising keywords from a product description.

  • 🆕 KEYWORDS_MISSPELLING_OPENAI: Generate common misspelling from a list of keywords.

  • 🆕 META_DESCRIPTION_OPENAI: Generate meta description for a page, using a list of keywords.

  • 🆕 AD_CONTENT_OPENAI: Create different types of advertising content from a product description.

That is on top of 2 improvements of the previous week for the AI Analyst✨, and more that we shipped this week.

  1. support for financial data and other vertical Tables (headers on row 1 are dates);

  2. support for Tables with empty rows and columns at the top.

  3. support for questions about forecasts of data (using FORECAST()) and for time trends (what was the growth over previous week?).

We're going to continue shipping AI features. As I briefly mentioned at the top, our usage numbers support an investment into AI, and the early monetization also supports it.

On top of that, OpenAI just released MORE API endpoints and improvements. That will help us build the best experience for business users to load data, analyze it, transform it, and share it!.

AI becomes so important, we even did custom illustrations with robot hands and faces! 🤖.

Let's go!

- Humberto