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Published at Mon Jan 09 2023 in
Rows HQ

2023 W1: Off to a great start

The first week of the year

Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows! We're.. building in public!


On a normal year, 2023 would start like the previous, with a review of 2022, and predictions for the year ahead.

But no! Our team had to be spectacular and started shipping stuff!

Last week alone, the 1st of 2023, we released 4 important things:

  1. An OpenAI Integration;

  2. Chart sub-titles and footnotes;

  3. S3 - not the AWS variant, but Speedy Spreadsheet Search (in our cmd+k menu);

  4. Fast spreadsheet creation with

What's more incredible, 3 of these features were started and finished in just 2 weeks. Our team is on 🔥.


Yes, Rows jumped on the AI bandwagon!

There's several spreadsheet experiments with OpenAI on spreadsheets, but it seems that Rows is the first to offer a 1st-party Integration.

Our Integration is called OpenAI, and it enables you to interact with OpenAI on our Actions Wizard or via a function called `ASK_OPENAI()`. Both methods offer exactly the same functionality, the Wizard being a visual method and the function.. being a function you type into cells.

For those who are not aware, GPT-3 is a software released by the OpenAI company. It that takes a request written in natural language and responds with an answer, also written in human-like language. ChatGPT is a free chat interface on a webpage where you can play with the algorithm.

OpenAI integration

Now, you can use it in Rows! Use cases include:

  • Clean up data: capitalize text, remove unnecessary text, and more.

  • Text classification: classify emails or roles from LinkedIn profiles.

  • Sentiment analysis: determine the overall sentiment of a piece of text.

  • Translation: translate text into other languages.

  • Summarization: condense news articles or messages.

  • Create tables with data: create tables with dummy or public data.

  • Find and enrich data: generate dummy data or get public data for companies you already listed on your spreadsheet.

To know more, we created a in-depth doc and a template with many examples.

Charts: sub-titles and footnotes

Last week our team shipped sub-titles and footnotes for our Charts.

The best publications and newspapers have well thought of charts. Think The Economist, The Wall Street Journal and Our World in Data. Their articles are richer because of nice visualizations, and the Charts themselves are stand out and on their own: they are accompanied by descriptions and notes explaining what you are seeing.

We are the spreadsheet where your data comes to life, so .. you know! Charts are important.

  • Use the new sub-title to summarize what the what your audience should take-away from the chart.

  • Use footnotes to explain where the data is coming from, or add color to an exceptional data point!

Chart - subtitles and footnotes

Speedy spreadsheet search

In any place in the Rows product, you can now hit Cmd+k and search for any spreadsheet. Even within the Editor itself. Super handy!

Spreadsheet search

Spreadsheets are an application which you need at hand.

As with other respectable spreadsheets, you can now open and we will automatically start a new doc for you.

We aren't the first, but this tried & tested shortcut is super valuable!


And that's it!

Our first week was quite good, and this sets the pace for what's to come in Q1. It will be our best quarter ever. Expect at least 3 major releases - much bigger than anything here - in the next couple of months.

See you next week