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Get the most out of News API!

Connecting News API with Rows gives you the power to search and retrieve articles and posts from all over the web, all in a spreadsheet.

It can help you answer questions like:

  • What top stories is TechCrunch running right now?
  • What new articles were published about the next iPhone today?
  • Has my company or product been mentioned or reviewed by any blogs recently?

Use cases

You can do use News API with Rows to search for articles with any combination of the following criteria:

  • Keyword or phrase. For example, find all articles containing the word 'Microsoft'.
  • Date published. For example, find all articles published yesterday.
  • Source name. For example, find all articles by 'TechCrunch'.
  • Source domain name. For example, find all articles published on thenextweb.com.
  • Language. For example, find all articles written in English.

You can sort the results by:

  • Date published
  • Relevancy to search keyword
  • Popularity of source


About News API

News API is great as a data source for news tickers and applications where you want to retrieve live headlines. It tracks headlines in 7 categories across over 50 countries, and at over a hundred top publications and blogs, in near real time. As well as tracking top headlines, it indexes every article published by over 50,000 news sources and blogs.


Find articles based on keywords, language, source, and date of publishing.

News API content to help you get started!

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