Using Rows spreadsheets on demand managed through Rows API

How to manage Rows spreadsheets through Rows API to create on-demand spreadsheets programmatically for your customers and business partners.


If you are looking for a way to enable the users of your platform to open any type of data immediately in a spreadsheet for analysis and reporting on-demand, you can. No more csv downloads for your users. No more loss of sight of what your users do with their data for you.

With Rows API, you can use CRUD functionality for spreadsheets, tables, charts, folders, etc. programmatically. E.g. whenever your customer or business partner wants to analyze data or custom reports, you can create a spreadsheet and load a template or load the data for them.

You can also use this functionality embedded or white-labeled on request.

This is useful for programmatic spreadsheet creation, for loading your data automatically. You can embed a spreadsheet into your product, incl. collaboration and editing. Or you can replace csv export with embedded data reporting.

How does it work?

API docs

You’ll find an introduction to and a guide on how to manage API keys here. You’ll find the API documentation including all endpoints on Note that our CRUD endpoints are not publicly documented yet. Reach out to us to get our documentation.

This works with the CRUD endpoints of Rows API. Note that these endpoints are Enterprise endpoints and require an Enterprise plan.

Please get in touch with us for test access by writing to, or by using the Chat with us option in the support menu in your Rows account.