Inserts data from ranges or {data} cells into a destination range. Overwrites all content in the destination with every execution.

Parameter List


The range or {data} cell from where data is to be inserted into the destination range. The first row of data will be used as a header of the destination range. For example: A1:E4 or A2. Pro tip: If the headers are in a column instead of a row of a range, use RANGE2JSON to create a {data} cell first.

[optional] destination

The cell or range where the data is to be inserted. In case of a vertical range, headers will be inserted vertically. For example: A15:E15.


OVERWRITE(A2:C3, A5:C5) returns "Overwrite.. ". A3, B3, C3 get inserted in the next available row below row 5, matching the names of columns in row 2.