Get cell values from spreadsheets from Google Sheets.

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Parameter List


The spreadsheet URL from Google Sheets. For example:{spreadsheetId}/edit#gid=0.


Google Sheets range where to get the cell values from. For example: "A1:B10" or "Sheet1!A1:B2". Note that you should not use the sheet name in the range when the url is from a specific sheet.

[optional] header_type

The header type that should be created.

  • 0 to get generic table headers. For example: value_0 and value_1.
  • 1 (default) to create headers from the first row of the range.
Selected options:
Use first row
No headers


IMPORT_GOOGLE_SHEETS("", "sheet2!A1:C4", 0) returns the range of data in "sheet2!A1:C4" from the given spreadsheet url