Get data columns from an Airtable base by defining the base ID, the table name, and the fields available on the table.

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Parameter List


The ID of your Base on Airtable. For example: "appqK4jJW4C1Rp2G0".


The table name from your Base. For example: "Design projects".

[optional] fields

Column, row, or JSON with the fields to get from Airtable. For example: A:A, A1:B1 or '["Name", "Age"]'.

[optional] filter1

The field name to be used as a filter. For example: "Name".

More details

Follow Airtable's guide to get your API key.

To get your Base ID, log in to your -Airtable REST API portal and select the base you want to access.


GET_RECORDS_AIRTABLE("appqK4jJW4C1Rp2G0", "Contacts", '["Name","Email"]', "Age", ">25") returns all records' name and email from contacts with more than 25 years old.