Get a report with Google Analytics 4 metrics within a date range. Dimensions and filters are also available.

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Parameter List


The unique property ID or name. For example: 357212978 or Rows. Use LIST_ACCOUNTS_GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_4() to find the ID.

[optional] date_range

The date range i.e.: ">2022", ">2022-11-01" or "[2022-01-01;2023-01-01]". By default it assumes the last 7 days.

[optional] metrics

One or more metrics. (e.g. "totalUsers","sessions"). For a complete list of possible metrics, see this Google documentation.

Selected options:
1-day active users
28-day active users
7-day active users
Active users
Ad unit exposure
Add to carts
Ads clicks
Ads cost
Ads cost per click
Cost per conversion
Ads impressions
Average purchase revenue
Average purchase revenue per user
Average session duration
Bounce rate
Cart-to-view rate
Cohort active users
Cohort total users
Crash-affected users
Crash-free users rate
Ecommerce purchases
Engaged sessions
Engagement rate
Event count
Event count per user
Event value
Events per session
First-time purchaser conversion
First time purchasers
First-time purchasers per new user
Item-list click events
Item list click through rate
Item-list view events
Item promotion click through rate
Item revenue
Item view events
Items added to cart
Items checked out
Items clicked in list
Items clicked in promotion
Items purchased
Items viewed
Items viewed in list
Items viewed in promotion
New users
Organic google search average position
Organic google search click through rate
Organic google search clicks
Organic google search impressions
Promotion clicks
Promotion views
Publisher ad clicks
Publisher ad impressions
Purchase revenue
Purchase-to-view rate
Purchaser conversion
Return on ad spend
Views per session
Views per user
Scrolled users
Session conversion rate
Sessions per user
Shipping amount
Tax amount
Total ad revenue
Total purchasers
Total revenue
Total users
Transactions per purchaser
User conversion rate
User engagement
[optional] page_path

The relative path of the pages to filter the metrics (e.g. /privacy).

[optional] dimensions

One or more dimensions to query. For example: ["day","yearWeek"]. See all metrics available in GA's documentation.

Selected options:
Achievement ID
Ad format
Ad source
Ad unit
App version
Audience ID
Audience name
Campaign ID
City ID
Daily cohort
Monthly cohort
Weekly cohort
Content group
Content ID
Content type
Continent ID
Country ID
Date + hour (YYYYMMDDHH)
Date hour and minute
Day of week
Day of week name
Default channel group
Device category
Device model
Event name
File extension
File name
First session date
First user campaign ID
First user campaign
First user default channel group
First user Google Ads account name
First user Google Ads ad group ID
First user Google Ads ad group name
First user Google Ads ad network type
First user Google Ads campaign ID
First user Google Ads campaign
First user Google Ads campaign type
First user Google Ads creative ID
First user Google Ads customer ID
First user Google Ads keyword text
First user Google Ads query
First user manual ad content
First user manual term
First user medium
First user source
First user source / medium
First user source platform
Full page URL
Google Ads account name
Google Ads ad group ID
Google Ads ad group name
Google Ads ad network type
Google Ads campaign ID
Google Ads campaign
Google Ads campaign type
Google Ads creative ID
Google Ads customer ID
Google Ads keyword text
Google Ads query
Group ID
Is conversion event
ISO week of the year
ISO year
ISO week of ISO year
Item affiliation
Item brand
Item category
Item category 2
Item category 3
Item category 4
Item category 5
Item ID
Item list ID
Item list name
Item list position
Item location ID
Item name
Item promotion creative name
Item promotion creative slot
Item promotion ID
Item promotion name
Item variant
Landing page + query string
Language code
Link classes
Link domain
Link ID
Link text
Link URL
Manual ad content
Manual term
Device brand
Mobile model
New / returning
Nth day
Nth hour
Nth minute
Nth month
Nth week
Nth year
Operating system
OS version
Operating system with version
Order coupon
Page location
Page path
Page path + query string
Page referrer
Page title
Percent scrolled
Platform / device category
Screen resolution
Search term
Session campaign ID
Session campaign
Session default channel group
Session Google Ads account name
Session Google Ads ad group ID
Session Google Ads ad group name
Session Google Ads ad network type
Session Google Ads campaign ID
Session Google Ads campaign
Session Google Ads campaign type
Session Google Ads creative ID
Session Google Ads customer ID
Session Google Ads keyword text
Session Google Ads query
Session manual ad content
Session manual term
Session medium
Session SA360 ad group name
Session SA360 campaign ID
Session SA360 campaign
Session SA360 creative format
Session SA360 engine account ID
Session SA360 engine account name
Session SA360 engine account type
Session SA360 keyword text
Session SA360 medium
Session SA360 query
Session SA360 source
Session source
Session source / medium
Session source platform
Shipping tier
Signed in with user ID
Source / medium
Source platform
Stream ID
Stream name
Test data filter ID
Test data filter name
Transaction ID
Page path and screen class
Page path + query string and screen class
Page title and screen class
Page title and screen name
Video provider
Video title
Video URL
Virtual currency name
Year month
Year week
[optional] filter

One or more metrics or dimensions to filter the returned data.


GET_METRICS_GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_4(357212978, "[2023-03-01;2023-03-30]", "activeUsers", "/integrations", "browser", "city", "BEGINS_WITH", "Po") returns user metrics of the property `357212978` broken by browser.