Automatically fills the whole row or column with formulas when based on the precedents of the formula.


Parameter List


The label or header of the column. It is added to the cell where the function is executed. For example: Email.

[optional] formula

The formula of the first cell to be filled automatically. For example: FIND_EMAIL(A2,B2,C2).

[optional] mode

The behavior of the function. Choose either:

  • 0 (default) to fill only empty cells.

  • 1 to overwrite and recompute only if formula is different.

  • 2 to overwrite and recompute all cells.

More details

The formula parameter should get the right formula for the first cell of the row or column you want to fill automatically.


AUTOFILL("Email", FIND_EMAIL(C2,A2,B2), 0) returns adds the FIND_EMAIL formula to cells D2 and D3.