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Published at Tue Dec 12 2023 in

VisualMakers and Rows: Where No-Code meets spreadsheets

VisualMakers cover

In the dynamic world of no-code technology, VisualMakers stands out. Founded by Lilith Brockhaus and Alexander Sprogis, this German no-code agency quickly grew from a 2 person team born at the height of the pandemic to a leading voice for no-code solutions in the DACH region. 

Now a 10 person team, VisualMakers combines personalized projects helping companies build no-code solutions with an education platform that teaches hundreds of students on how to use no-code tools like Make, Bubble or Shopify.

With all that growth, VisualMakers faced a problem we’re all too familiar with: managing and reporting a growing amount of data efficiently. With multiple projects and an expanding team, their traditional tools were becoming insufficient. They needed a solution that made processes simpler and made data visible and accessible to the entire team.

That’s when Lilith decided to go with Make and Rows.

Make flowVisualMaker's automation flow in Make

The challenge was simple, and in the end, so was the solution. Every day, students sign-up to VisualMaker’s online courses. And each time someone signs-up, a lot needs to happen:

  • The data is collected from their Elopage in a form;

  • A new lead is added to their CRM on Brevo;

  • A new row needs to be created in Rows to update their business reports;

  • Several alerts need to be sent to different Slack channels.

This is where Make comes in, and shines. The power of connecting with thousands of apps and the visual builder and comprehensive functionality made it an instant favorite. 

Quote Lilith

Adriano, who focuses his work at VisualMakers on education and market analytics, uses Rows for creating dynamic dashboards. These dashboards track and visualize data from their free courses and their newly launched 'No-Code Tool Navigator'.

VisualMakers' student registration report in RowsVisualMakers' student registration report in Rows

By connecting various data sources through Make, they could funnel all information into Rows for real-time analysis. Moreover, Adriano and the team can use Rows' AI Analyst✨ to automatically analyze their data, even asking the questions they need to know to build their reports at scale.

VisualMakers - quote

We asked Lilith how much Make and Rows changed her business. She boiled it down to:

  1. Efficiency in Data Management: Visual Makers now efficiently manages sign-ups, course metrics, and lead generation. The seamless interaction between Rows and Make saves hours of manual work.

  2. Enhanced Visibility: Dashboards in Rows provide the team with clear insights into course sign-ups, preferences, and engagement, enabling more informed decision-making.

  3. Cultural Transformation: Their commitment to transparency is supported by these tools. By sharing financials and metrics with the team via Rows, they foster a culture of openness and collective responsibility.

As VisualMakers continue to grow, they plan to embed these dashboards in Notion for broader accessibility and continue to rely on Make to build more automations to help them run their business.

The partnership between VisualMakers, Rows, and Make is more than just a technological integration. It's a testament to the power of no-code solutions in driving business efficiency and fostering a transparent company culture. As VisualMakers continues to innovate in the no-code space, they stand as an example for other companies who want to use no-code tools to build strong, efficient businesses.