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Published at Wed Jan 30 2019 in
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Data & APIs for all.


Building an online platform with the best business data & APIs.

Send emails or messages on Slack. Get company and stock data. Talk to your own APIs.

The web is rich in services you can use (IF you’re a developer)

The internet has endless info on millions of Companies, People, Places, Products. There are SMS, email, maps and providers of other cool services.

However, they are often out of reach for end users: the good stuff is accessible through code only, and platforms for the non-techie are crippling.

dashdash makes data and APIs simple

The consumption of services shouldn’t be any harder than ordering a product on Amazon. That’s what we are optimizing for.

Find a service > Make a Request > Explore data

How do we deliver this?

  • A familiar user experience. Spreadsheets have been used to show & transform data for 30 years. People like their tables and functions. So we designed dashdash as a grid that builds on these spreadsheet skills that 1 billion people already have.

  • The best online services. We offer integrations for Slack, Google Maps, Google Search, Bing Search, SendGrid, FullContact, and more. Send messages, find company data, and more: all from inside a cell. No scripts needed.

  • A Data Explorer that puts you in control. We don’t select or filter data. Integration requests return all of the rich data (JSON) available. Open any data cell and click an individual field of information: we automatically generate a formula to parse what you need.


Beyond Integrations: more Computation

In addition to native services (data and APIs) in the cells, we built extra components that empower our users to build their own tools:

  • Automation REFRESH(range, interval, [optional]) makes a range of cells repeat every 3 days, 2 hours, or every minute. Even while you sleep. Use it to periodically get stock updates or grab new orders from your website.

  • Moving data Sometimes you need to log new data in spreadsheets. INSERT() sends data from a source to a target table, UPDATE() overwrites it. Your spreadsheet is now a database!

  • Pro functions GET() and POST() talk to generic APIs, like the one of your company or another service. You can set headers, define body, etc. We believe our users, and not us, should define the limits to their computing exploration.

Repeat a formula every 10 minutes and insert a row into another table with REPEAT() and INSERT()

What’s next?

Our team in Porto & Berlin wants to democratize computing. There are 1 billion spreadsheet users who can already use dashdash.

We are dedicating our days to the pursuit of General Purpose Computation for these next 1 billion application creators. The next chapters will offer more:

  • Computation components: More integrations and functions.

  • Ease of use: An ever-simpler, cell-based UX, that doesn’t compromise on flexibility and power.

  • Style: A prettier way to share data and workflows with your audience.

  • Help: More features that help you create your own tools in dashdash such as our interactive Tutorials. Also, check out our forum.

Let’s go! 🚀