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Community Spotlight: Pedro Cruz Morais

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When Pedro Cruz Morais and his co-founder started tinkering with business ideas, they knew they wanted to build a marketplace. They were fascinated by the mechanics behind marketplaces and saw the gig economy as a growing trend in many industries, but not in healthcare. That all changed in 2021 with the COVID-19 pandemic, which opened up the perfect timing to start MyCareforce.

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MyCareforce is the simplest way to match extra shifts between healthcare institutions and nurses. With the sudden surge in demand for healthcare workers during the pandemic, their platform quickly gained traction. In January 2021, they landed their first client, and it took off from there.

MyCareforce websiteMyCareforce launched in 2021

From the very beginning, Pedro and his team relied on spreadsheets to manage their growing business. In fact, the first "backoffice" they used was a simple spreadsheet with a list of nurses waiting to join the platform. 

But as the business grew, Pedro and his team found themselves struggling to manage the influx of data and reports. They had been using tradicionals spreadsheets from the very beginning, but as the number of customers and company expanded, the limitations of those spreadsheets became more and more apparent. That's when Pedro discovered Rows.

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Rows helped Pedro and his team make sense of their data and share better reports:

  • His monthly investor report. After crunching the numbers, Pedro embeds its key tables and charts in Notion for his board to review. Embedding a live connection between the Notion document and the underlying spreadsheet means the data is up-to-date. Those moments of stressing out before a board meeting updating the reports with the latest numbers are over.

  • Their cohort analysis, crucial to make him stay on top of the health of the business, identify bottlenecks to growth, and simulate different growth scenarios for the year.

Duplicate Pedro’s Pre-seed Marketplace Investor Report template →

GIFPedro sends his monthly investor report in a Notion doc with embeds from Rows

But Rows has done more than just improve the quality of their reports. It has also helped Pedro build simple automations that save him and his team a ton of time. One of his favorites was an SMS notification system that alerts nurses when there's an urgent shift to be filled, allowing them to respond quickly and efficiently. For Pedro, the best part was not  needing developer help. He simply installed a template that used the Twilio integration, adapted to his workflow and set it live, all in a couple of hours.

Send SMS with Twilio templatePedro uses the template with Twilio to send SMS alerts to nurses about urgent shifts

Looking ahead, Pedro has a new project on the horizon: a CRM specifically designed for marketplaces like MyCareforce. Traditional CRMs are built for companies with a few hundreds or low thousands of clients, but MyCareforce has dozens of thousands of clients (the nurses). And since they can’t find a suitable solution in the market, Pedro is getting his hands dirty and plans to use Rows to create a CRM that works for them. He’ll rely on Rows' live mode to create an interface with filters, inputs, and date pickers to build conversion funnels reports, pipeline status and other analysis that he needs.

Pedro and his team remain focused on growing their footprint in the market. In many ways, it’s still day one. With the help of Rows, they've been able to make their data come to life, and build better reports that help them stay on top of the health of their business.

They're not alone in the struggle to make sense of complex data. That's why thousands of other teams - big and small - use Rowsm to improve your reporting and analysis, and build better spreadsheets.

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