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Published at Sun Mar 10 2024 in
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2024 W11 - Our friend Google Sheets (sometimes!)

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Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows. We're building in public!


Hate them, Love them, Hate them.

— unknown author I just invented

Google Sheets is one of the competitors on the spreadsheet market. So, it's our job to beat it, even to hate it a bit to help keep motivation high!

Sometimes it's our job to partner and build with Competitors too. Sheets is a web spreadsheet that connects to the Google ecosystem and its many users. Yes, it is a bit old (ihih) and lacks some of the powerful native Integrations and AI and sharing we do, but hey — this is fine by us!

These weeks we've been making more adjustment to our data importing experience. Google Sheets came up as a candidate for improvements.

One of them is that many users can't find the link to the spreadsheet they want to import into Rows, or can't be bothered to go look for it. So lat week we did a quick integration with their Google Picker API and bam. Solution.

blog - import from sheets - go

It always feels a bit weird to work with competitor companies, but I think in the case of mega-corps like Google and Microsoft and Apple or Amazon, it's bound to happen.

Do you also work and Integrate with your competitors? Thoughts?


See you next week!