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Published at Sun May 14 2023 in
Rows HQ

2023 W19 - Competition

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Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows. We're building in public!


Last week we started yet another spreadsheet competition between 5 people in the management team.

This is a race that lasts until the end of the quarter. Each of us tries to build the spreadsheets with the most views and duplicates. You can build more than one, but only new spreadsheets count!

So far these are the spreadsheets in play.

I expect many more. There's a target on my back, as (cof) I won the last competition with a 22% lead over my dear co-founder Mr. Torben Schulz.

you will lose

On a more motivational take, I think these competitions are super important to get everyone to contribute to our growth goal! We also do a yearly spreadsheet competition with the whole team, with actual prizes.

Let the best spreadsheet win!

See you next week!

- humberto