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Published at Sat Oct 08 2022 in
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2022 W41 - The Board deck

the board deck illustration

This is the second weekly post, part of our new goal of Building (Rows) in Public.

On Tuesday we had our quarterly Board meeting.

It's critical to prepare Board meetings well. If you cram too much information, investors will start jumping around and you'll derail the conversation. If you give your board too little info, the meeting will end with more questions than actions, and probably some distrust too.

So, two weeks prior to the actual meeting, my cofounder Torben and I got to work. Torben suggested the meeting topics, which in retrospect were spot on.

  • Executive Summary: Highlights on Growth, Product, and our 2022 Plan.

  • Plan Update

    • Our plan is to raise a round date X, based on 2 key metrics, Y and Z. For that we will have to grow to this ambitious intermediary objective for each metric, and before then to this point over the next quarter.

    • Currently the 2 metrics are here, and this is how they evolved recently (2 Charts). This is the good, and that is the bad. We're not there yet!

    • You can follow these and all our other metrics live in our Dashboard (link). As an highlight, you will see that second-order KPIs support our plan.

    • This table has our most noteworthy users, who use us frequently and in team settings. We got a number of them. Check the company names, how many people actively use Rows in that team, their main use case, and the number of days active over the last 30d.

    • This is our users feedback. Some stuff is quite good, but they're also asking us for that, which is missing. It aligns with what we've heard before.

    • Our focus, which is the use case we're pursuing first, and how we plan to sell it.

    • Our roadmap reflects that focus. This is the summary of marketing activities and the product roadmap needed to get there. And these are the backup slides for each area, in more depth.

    • Overall, we're accelerating and this is how you can see it.

  • Operations Update

    • Our HR situation and our Finance situation, including our runway and money in the bank.

    • A quick update on other Operations topics.

  • Backup

    • A slide to explain an exceptional data point.

The Board meeting was successfully. We all agreed on the challenge ahead and on the plan. Our investors gave us a couple of good ideas, and off we went to build the business.

📈 This is the dashboard we share with the team and investors - same metrics, different numbers. It has been an invaluable (albeit simple) tool to give transparency to the team, increase focus, and have a beautiful showcase of how one can use Rows to tell a good story.

I'm back next week with a new company update.