Search for a search key in the first column of a range and returns the value of a specified cell in the row corresponding to the search key.

Parameter List


The value to search for in the first column. For example: "Super", 123, or A1.


The two-dimensional range or JSON data to consider for the search. The first column must include the search_key. For example: A1:C5.


The column index that contains the value you want. For example: 3. The search_key column is column 1.

[optional] search_type

Whether or not to return the exact match. Choose either:

  • TRUE (default) to get the closest match

  • FALSE to get the first exact match

More details

If search_type is TRUE, VLOOKUP() assumes that your range is sorted in ascending order. If it isn't, the function may return an incorrect value.

You can use wildcards in search_key. To match any singular character, use ?. To match zero or more characters, use *. If you want to match an actual question mark or asterisk, prefix it with a tilde. For example: "What~?".


VLOOKUP("Superman", A1:B4, 2, FALSE) returns "Luthor"