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Published at Sun Jan 28 2024 in
Rows HQ

2024 W5 - Design Details

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Every week I post about one thing that happened at Rows. We're building in public!


This is a short one.

Last week we shipped yet another project from our hackathon, Hiding rows & columns. The feature is pretty descriptive: it lets you hide columns and rows in your data, grouping them.

The special thing about it is the design, in particular 2 details.

  1. Collapsing and expanding the hidden ranges is super easy, which makes it ideal to use when you compose a formula and want to point to a range that is inside the hidden area.

  2. That design. The diagonal shading is super.

Rows - blog - hide rows&cols🖤🖤🖤

For those who ask, we're not just doing hackathons! eheh. We do them once or twice per year. And we're back at our regular programming, so expect more "new features" really soon!


See you next week