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Published at Sun May 05 2024 in
Rows HQ

2024 W18 - Breakfast > lunch > dinner. (For work)

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This is a quick one.

We are increasingly turning our attention to the US. Still, last week we co-hosted a super cool breakfast at our office together with our investor Armilar.

The motive was a new conference in Porto. Rows helped turbo charge the event by co-building a spreadsheet with the organizers to power the conference app. The result was that the app instantly offered lists of matches between Investors and Spreadsheets, via our API. It was quite cool!

But let me refocus on the breakfast. It's such a simple get together to organize! There were 35-40 people from the Community and a handful of investors. Conversations were positive, excited, and with lots of small insights. From 8h30 - 11am people interacted. I gave a couple of demos, and showed progress to 2 investors.

The full thing only cost <$300, a bargain given the crowd and the level of brutalist patisserie involved — It was not for the carb conscious crowd, but someone (me) forgot to pencil down some fruit. It was still was a success. Cheaper, better time of day for work related topics, etc.

Rows - Armilar - Breakfast 1
Rows - Armilar - Breakfast 2
Rows - Armilar - Breakfast 3

Reminder: Work breakfast > Work lunch > Work dinner.


See you next week!