Google Analytics

Website acquisition channels report

Compare different traffic acquisition channels across the main web analytics metrics, using Google Analytics data.

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Understanding which channels are performing better is key to design an effective user acquisition strategy for your website, mobile app, e-commerce platformm and more.

This report leverages data from Google Analytics to let you gather all the main KPIs across all the source/medium, and grouped by channel.

This saves you the hassle and allows you to automate data collection, tracking, and reporting, all in a spreadsheet.

How it works

  • Choose the Google Analytics account you want to use.
  • Choose a page path and a date range
  • Optionally specify filters and segements to refine your report's results
  • For every source and medium, and grouped by channels, track all the main traffic and behavior metrics, such as sessions, users, pageviews, bounce rate, and exit rate.

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