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Having a stock portfolio tracker is crucial when managing stocks to be able to make timely decisions. It's not always enough though as you probably don't have the time to track it at all times. This template allows you to automate the process of managing and tracking your stocks by creating a stock tracker with real-time data on global stock markets using company names, and get email alerts about the stock prices for free.

You only need to set up your portfolio once, all in a spreadsheet, and have it running the background. It will then send you timely email alerts when important specified milestones have been reached or decisions need to be made.

How it works

  • Enter the name of the company you want to track.
  • The Alpha Vantage function will instantly retrieve the company stock symbol as well as its real-time data.
  • The stock data returned includes the open, high, low, current price, volume, latest trading day, previous close, change, and percentage of change.
  • You can then set up email alerts by defining different triggers for each stock. For example, getting alerted when the stock price exceeds $10.
  • You can track multiple stocks at once and automate the process of retrieving their real-time data.

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