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Being on top of how your web pages are performing is crucial to driving organic traffic to your website. Having your pages rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) not only helps you get that traffic but also helps establish brand awareness. When working on improving your SEO game or investing in a keyword strategy, you will need to monitor your performance in the Google Search results.

This template uses Google Search Console to retrieve the top queries your website ranks for and how the rankings have changed over time, all in a spreadsheet!

How it works

  • Specify the Google Search Console property you want to use.
  • Enter the keyword you want to retrieve the queries for.
  • Specify the date ranges you want to compare the rankings for.
  • The Google Search Console functions will retrieve the queries and their metrics.
  • The report will display the top queries for your website for the entered keyword along with the average search results ranking for both date ranges.
  • It will also display the query position change status including whether it increased, decreased, hasn't changed, or if it's a new query.

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