Personal budget tracker

Track your income, expenses and debts, and analyse them over time.

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editor or live screenshot

This spreadsheet allows you to stay on top of your personal budget! You can see all your income, expenses and savings over time, and check if you're sticking with your monthly budget in each expense category. You can also track who owes you or you owe money to, so no debts are forgotten with this template!

How it works

  • Add "Expense types" and set your monthly budget for each one.
  • Every time you have a new expense/income/debt, add it in "Expense tracker"/"Income tracker"/"Debt tracker".
  • You can check how much you spent each month by expense type and who you owe money to by person.
  • In the "Summary" you can see you money evolution over time and see all your spendings by month and by type.