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Automate communications with suppliers and manage daily meal planning.

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Operating a restaurant marketplace requires operational excellence. One of the most critical parts of the operation is ensuring smooth communication with the restaurants in planning the number of meals to be prepared every day.

This template is a perfect starting point to build your order management system. Use it to automate confirmation orders from your suppliers, reduce back-and-forth with emails and gather all the data you need to run your daily operations in one place. The template easily combines a database with the daily orders with a form where suppliers review and confirm the delivery of the emails.

This template was designed by EatTasty, a leading virtual restaurant that delivers high quality meals in Portugal and Spain. EatTasty uses Rows to simplify everyday processes in the operations team from meal planning, restaurant order management and inventory.

How it works

  • Add your daily orders to a database view, manually or with an integration with your backoffice.
  • Create a list of supplier credentials and email address.
  • Your suppliers use the order confirmation form to review the orders of the day, confirm the quantities or add notes to each order.
  • Once they confirm, and email is sent to the supplier and to you with the confirmation details.
  • Adapt the template to your specific workflow by adapting the form to your requirements, the messaging method (with Slack or SMS) or by adding new functionality to the process.

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