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Get a report with the main KPIs from your Facebook Ads campaigns

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Facebook and Instagram Ads are one of the most popular ways to reach your audience. Use this template to get insights about your Facebook Ads account. Go beyond the standard reporting features of Facebook Ads and automate your campaign reports, all in a spreadsheet.

Save all that manual back and forth from copy-pasting data from Facebook or Instagram Ads into spreadsheets with this template. Expand your reporting intelligence by picking the right metrics to analyze, and combine this data with our integrations with other social media platforms for a comprehensive view of your social media performance.

How it works

  • Specify the Facebook Ads account you want to use.
  • Retrieve the desired data by specifying the date range and the campaign to analyze.
  • Get the report of your Facebook Ads completed with spend, reach, impressions, cpc and more.
  • Easily customize the fields and breakdowns of the report.

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