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Google Analytics is undoubtedly one of the most powerful analytics platforms in the world. It allows you to gather user analytics for your websites, mobile apps, e-commerce platforms and more.

While Google Analytics offers some reporting features, you might want to create some of your own custom dashboards and spreadsheets to track and analyze specific metrics and data. This process can be daunting as it requires a lot of manual work of gathering the data from multiple sources on the platform, inputting that data in the spreadsheet, and updating it periodically.

This template saves you the hassle and allows you to automate the entire process, all in a spreadsheet. You can create your custom Google Analytics dashboard and publish it as a web app to share with team members.

How it works

  • Specify the Google Analytics view you want to use.
  • Retrieve the desired data by specifying the metrics you want.
  • Choose whether you want the metrics of the website or a specific web page.
  • You can apply filters and segements to the results, track multiple web pages at a time and automate the process of retrieving the metrics.
  • Take a deeper dive into the metrics by specifying dimensions or sorting parameters to break down the metrics across some common criteria, such as country or browser.

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