Automate EU MOSS VAT return

Automatically build your EU VAT return report with Stripe

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If you sell digital services incl. software in the EU, you'll have to file your VAT return in all member states. To avoid doing this in so many countries, you can use the VAT Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS), which you fill in only one member state on a quarterly basis. Still, you'll have to get your invoice data by country and see if you used the reverse-charge mechanism charging a 0% rate, or if you charged normal VAT.

This template helps you see through this mess and get your Stripe invoice data organized in a few minutes. You can create reports for any time window in one click.

How it works

  • Import invoice data from your Stripe account for a range of dates or automatically import it daily
  • Choose a date range for your report and get all the data for your VAT return
  • Get invoice data by country for all EU member states and 0% rate invoices separated

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