Rows for Intermediate users

Ready to learn about action elements, manually parsing data, automatically creating tables, and automating actions?

Kicking it up a notch

Welcome to the Rows Intermediate course!

This section of the Rows Academy is for those who are comfortable with spreadsheets and the basics of Rows.

We created 4 quick articles where you will take your spreadsheets up a notch. That means:

  1. Adding action elements to spreadsheets
    Add buttons, input fields, and learn a bit more about Live Spreadsheets.

  2. Parsing data manually
    Use PARSE() to get exactly the data you want from an integration function.

  3. Inserting data automatically
    Learn how automatically to create custom tables using OVERWRITE(), INSERT(), and UDPATE().

  4. Scheduling and repeating actions
    Use our automation functions, combined with checkboxes, schedule actions.

Each article will take you around seven minutes.

By the end of all this - you’ll have a pretty cool app where people can find companies and their details at events and you’ll get notified daily by email of what terms people search for.

Quick set up Open up a new spreadsheet with a table called Companies at event. Set it up so that it looks like this:


We recommend you get stated with a adding some functionality to it 🚀!