Rows for Beginners

Introduction to the Rows Beginner course.

Hi there! 👋

Welcome to the Rows Beginner course of the Rows Academy. This course is designed to get you, who might be new to spreadsheets or coming from another platform, equipped and empowered to use the platform.

Over the next six articles, we’ll:

  1. Refresh the spreadsheet basics
    It's a great idea if we're all on the same level. We promise you'll learn something even if you're a spreadsheet expert.

  2. Use integrations
    Integrations let you get data from all around the web.

  3. Work with data
    Find out how to get the data from an Integration into a table with just a click.

  4. Install templates
    Kick start your spreadsheets with some advanced templates.

  5. Collaborate in workspaces
    It's always more fun to work in a team - so we'll show you how to do it with Workspaces.

  6. Make your spreadsheet live!
    One of our core features: being able to share your spreadsheet with anyone in the world with just a click.

And don’t worry - it’s not a lot of reading at all! We’ve designed this course so that each part won’t take you longer than five minutes on average, so, if we MULTIPLY(5,6), then that’s less than 30 minutes to get you up to speed on the ins and outs of spreadsheets.

You ready to get started? Well then, let’s refresh the basics 🚀!