Get metrics about posts of your Facebook pages by providing the post ID. List first your posts and then get metrics such as clicks, impressions, and reactions.

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Parameter List


The Post ID of one of your Facebook page posts. For example: "4324_90349".

[optional] metrics

One or more metrics to retrieve about the post. For example: "post_reactions_love_total,post_reactions_wow_total".

default, it will return the number of engaged users, impressions, and reactions of your page.

Selected options:
Post Clicks
Post Clicks Unique
Post Engaged Fan
Post Engaged Users
Post Impressions
Post Impressions Fan
Post Impressions Unique
Post Negative Feedback
Post Negative Feedback Unique
Post Reactions Anger Total
Post Reactions Like Total
Post Reactions Love Total
Post Reactions Sorry Total
Post Reactions Wow Total


GET_POST_METRICS_FACEBOOK("102461084751070_102464121417433", "post_engaged_users") returns the post_engaged_users metrics for the "102461084751070_102464121417433" post.