Get insights about your Google My Business locations. The function will show you metrics such as direct queries, indirect queries, and number of map views.

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Parameter List


Location name of your Google Business. For example: Louvre Museum or accounts/000000/locations/000001. Use the function GET_LOCATIONS_GOOGLE_MY_BUSINESS() to get the correct name of your location.

[optional] postal_code

The postal code of your business. For example: 75001.

[optional] locality

The locality of your business. For example: Paris.

[optional] address_line

The address of your business. For example: Rue de Rivoli.

[optional] date_range

Date range to get metrics for. For example: ">2020-02-15" or "[2019-01-01;2019-01-20]". By default, it gets the last 30 days.


GET_INSIGHTS_GOOGLE_MY_BUSINESS("adidas Originals Mitte") returns insights about the a"didas Originals Mitte" store.