Functions and integrations overview

An overview of the supported functions and integrations.

Learn how to use native Rows functions and as well as our integration functions. Once you've used an integration to retrieve some data, learn how to insert this data into a table.

  1. Working with integrations
    Learn about the different types of integrations, how to connect them and how to use their functions.

  2. Filtering data with formulas
    Learn how to use the FILTER and FILTER_COLUMNS functions to build specific views on your data.

  3. Creating Data Tables
    Take the result of any integration-related function and turn it into an easy-to-read table.

  4. Creating Tables from complex data structures
    An introduction to UNNEST and FLATTEN and how they can help you optimize complex data structures for better-looking Tables.

  5. Using AUTOFILL to automatically fill a row or column
    Use the AUTOFILL function to apply the same formula to each row in a neighboring table—even when the table changes dynamically.

  6. Creating scheduled and repeating tasks
    How to schedule and repeat certain tasks at regular intervals.

  7. Administering your integrations and switching accounts
    How to review your active integrations, disconnect ones you don't need, and use multiple accounts.

  8. Monitoring your Facebook Ad campaigns with Rows
    Learn how to use Rows integrations by working through a specific use case—monitoring ad campaigns.