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Rows is the first true spreadsheet with built-in integrations and a slick sharing experience. Made for teams to build and share their work, all in one place.

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The functions you already know, exactly as you know them.
Filtering and sorting data feels natural.
Seamless integrations to import data from your business tools and send it back.
Each integration unlocks new functions to use inside the spreadsheet.
Buttons, checkboxes and input fields make spreadsheets interactive.
In live mode spreadsheets become beautiful dashboards and web apps that you can share with anyone.

We know that you’re gonna love this

The functions you already know, just how you know them.
Filter, sort and analyze data naturally.
Seamless integrations to import and export data from your business tools and rich data services.
Every integration unlocks new formulas to use inside the spreadsheet easily.
Add buttons, checkboxes and inputs to make spreadsheets interactive.
In live mode spreadsheets become beautiful dashboards and web apps that you can share with anyone.


Feel at home

Rows is a spreadsheet that works as you expect it to. It has cells, the functions you’re used to and everything else that makes spreadsheets great. Plus a whole bag of new tricks.

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Bring all your data together

Integrate instantly and seamlessly with the tools you use every day. You’ll have spreadsheets enriched with all the data you need in a single workspace. Wave goodbye to multiple tabs and copy&paste!

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Always ready to share

When your spreadsheet is ready, share it as an interactive form, a report or a dashboard. Send it to your team to collaborate or show it off to the whole world. It will always look great, on mobile and desktop.

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What Rows replaces

Spreadsheet scripts

Replace complicated macros with direct API connections. Use intuitive formulas that do the work for you.

Spreadsheet add-ons

Say goodbye to add-ons. Rows integrates with all your business tools. Use templates with pre-built workflows to accelerate.

Internal development

Connect to any REST API directly from Rows. Build forms, back office tools and dashboards only using your spreadsheet skills.

Lead generation tools

Generate, enrich and qualify leads and update your CRM from inside the spreadsheet. Integrated with best sources of public data.

Competitive intelligence apps

Track news and social mentions of your competitors. Monitor their social media performance and funding announcements.

Marketing automation

Track your ads, website or SEO performance with custom reports. Set up alerts across your marketing suite in one place.

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